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First steps and immersion in the method mindfulness in the online course

Mindfulness practices and inner transformation

Mindfulness - is a scientifically based method of mind training that is practiced and taught at Harvard and Oxford Universities


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A balanced inner state is a necessary basis for a harmonious relationship with the world around us

The state of our mind determines who we are, how we act in critical situations and difficult circumstances, and how deeply we can penetrate the essence of things. It determines the tendencies of our behavior in relationships with people, the level of our productivity and achievements in the business sphere.

Resistance to psychological stress and the ability to cope with difficult emotions also belong to the sphere of mental abilities or, in other words, the qualities of our personality.

That is why it is extremely important, especially today, to be able to work on your inner state. On the one hand, to develop constructive or resourceful qualities in oneself, and on the other hand, to free oneself from destructive ones.


About the course program

he course consists of two parts: an introductory lecture and a one-day retreat


Introductory lecture

At the workshop, you will get familiar with the mindfulness method, its basic concepts and techniques. You will understand its features, possibilities and prospects for use in everyday life

Duration: 2 hours  



At the one-day retreat, you will be immersed in the mindfulness method. Together we will practice meditation techniques that allow us to free ourselves from negative emotions and feelings, restore our state and find inner resources.

Duration: 10:00 - 18:00

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This course is based on the program of the GGSC Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

It was developed by the team of Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, leading experts in the field of mindfulness practice. 

The theory and practice of the course is the result of the latest scientific research in the area of psychology and neurophysiology.

For more information on the approach, please follow the  link

In the course you will learn

How to work with trauma, difficult emotions, feelings, and destructive motives that cause most of the problems in our lives through meditation.

How meditation helps to cope with the effects of stress, as well as to develop resilience to stress. As we know, stress is the cause of many diseases. Therefore, such work allows you to improve your health and also prevents diseases in the future

Learn to show empathy and communication skills, successfully resolve conflicts

About the advantages of mindfulness practice over other psychological approaches 

How to develop constructive qualities and states in oneself using the mindfulness method, gain access to an inner resource and make it a reliable support for everyday life. 

How an external task is connected to our inner world, our emotions, experiences, and beliefs. How, by solving internal problems and overcoming internal obstacles, you can make significant progress in solving personal and business problems. 

As a result of the course you will receive

Investigation, experience, and change of inner state: how your nervous system, psyche, and mind react to stress, difficult circumstances, and new personal and business tasks

Practices of resilience: gaining balance, internal stability, rebuilding internal support and confidence, training new qualities

Self-regulation tools: attention management, relaxation, stress reduction, emotional healing. Learn how to free yourself from states of resentment, irritation and aggression, anxiety and distress

You will be able to make significant progress in solving urgent problems related to personal and professional spheres of life

You will also receive a certificate of completion from our center and the Ukrainian Association of Mindfulness Teachers. 

Сертифікат курсу-ретриту

After the basic course, it is important to consolidate skills and establish effective daily practice

Participants in this program are given the opportunity to join our small community, a social media group where we conduct:

- supporting weekly online practices,

- online training,

- monthly retreats for emotional healing and increasing competence in practice


 You can also get answers to your questions in the group:

- about the technical nuances of meditation,

- on formulating your requests for work in practice,

- practice with like-minded people in a supportive space

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Who will benefit from this course?


Managers, businessmen, creative people. Those who are building a career, developing their own business, or are engaged in creativity


Those who strive for harmonious relationships in the family, with a partner, children


Those who are professionally engaged in psychological counseling, psychotherapy, coaching and other helping professions

Who conducts the course?

Михайло Бойченко

Psychologist, certified teacher of mindfulness practices at the University of California, Berkeley's GGSC program "The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program" (MMTCP) by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Co-founder and head of UMTA - Ukrainian Mindfulness Teachers Association I conduct trainings and training programs on the development of emotional intelligence and emotional competence. I conduct individual and group training in modern meditation technologies to solve problems related to business, professional activities, and personal projects. I have 17 years of personal practice experience. Over 10 years of professional practice experience. PhD student, researcher at the Drahomanov National Pedagogical University

Ірина Бойченко

CBT psychologist, certified mindfulness teacher. Co-author and leader of trainings and educational programs on the development of emotional intelligence and emotional awareness. For more than 13 years, I have been practicing and teaching modern meditation in an individual and group format as a tool for personal development, as well as for solving problems related to business, professional activities, and personal projects. Co-founder of Life in Flow, a center for the development of mindfulness skills Co-founder of UMTA - Ukrainian Mindfulness Teachers Association

Ми розвиваємо внутрішню компетентність, для того щоб:

Усвідомлювати та розрізняти свої емоції, розуміти, як вони влаштовані та який вплив вони справляють на конкретні життєві ситуації та перебіг подій загалом

Керувати своїми емоційними станами, проявляти нову, більш ефективну поведінку

Навчитися проявляти емпатію та комунікабельність, успішно вирішувати конфлікти

Усвідомлювати свої глибинні мотиви та цінності, ефективніше будувати кар'єру та відчувати задоволення від своєї роботи

Вміти розвивати самодисципліну, підвищувати стійкість до стресів і внутрішню гнучкість

Вміти вибудовувати довірчі відносини з партнерами

Вміти мотивувати себе та інших людей на вирішення завдань

Трансформувати ті емоційні стани, які заважають бути енергійними, продуктивними та просто щасливими

Photos from our training programs

Videos from our training programs

Деякі відгуки учасників наших навчальних програм


Oksana Gogol

Director of special projects at The Willard Group

This method is for those who know that it is internal barriers, not external circumstances, that prevent them from developing their career, business, or building harmonious relationships. Mykhailo and Iryna do not ignore any of the participants' questions, and you can feel the extensive experience and constant personal practice of the coaches.